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Do you like building things in a fast-paced, dynamic environment? If so, Resolution Therapeutics could be your next career move. Check out our vacancies below.

Working with us

We are a diverse team of scientists, business folk and entrepreneurs working together to make the world a better place. We value passion, leadership and intellectual honesty, and we are united by a firm belief that transparency is the key to making good decisions. If these values speak to you, and you think your background and skills could help us on our journey to a brighter future, then please get in touch.

Life at Resolution

No two days are quite the same. One day you may be doing routine experiments, whilst the next day you may be negotiating with suppliers, forging academic partnerships, or presenting your results to the company Board. This dynamism brings great variety and opportunity to each and every role, although of course it also brings some unique challenges. Through transparency and open communication, we support each other through these challenges, thus enabling each and every person at Resolution to develop and flourish in their chosen career path.


Take a look at what some of our staff have to say below.

What our team say

I joined Resolution in January 2021. Starting a new role during the current pandemic, I thought it was going to be a huge challenge, especially “managing” the office and supporting the wider team from my living room. Everyone at Resolution made my transition into the world of science so smooth and welcoming, it has been an absolute pleasure. I have been blessed to have worked in various administrative roles throughout my 30-year career and in all that time, I have not experienced the level of passion and enthusiasm the Resolution team have impressed upon myself and the wider team. The support and respect they have for each other too, it is truly inspirational.

Jane Tweedale

Office Manager

I have always been interested in the application of translational research into the clinic, coming from a background of using stem cells in regenerative medicine and prior to that of using stem cell-derived liver models for disease modelling and high throughput drug screening. Joining Resolution has been an incredible opportunity to develop and deliver novel cell therapy products for tissue repair. By working with a multidisciplinary group of scientists, our team is prepared to generate macrophage-based treatments from the lab to the patient

Jose Meseguer Ripollés

Research Scientist, iPSCs

Working with Resolution Therapeutics has been such a rewarding experience. I joined in early 2021 but I have already learnt and grown much professionally. There are many opportunities to apply my practical knowledge and to learn even more. My colleagues are very devoted and enthusiastic about our products and mission, contributing to a great company culture where I can voice my opinions and receive valuable feedback from my peers

Moony Su (Sheng-Yuan)

Research Associate, Macrophage Biology

Resolution Therapeutics is built on a wealth of knowledge and expertise that forms the base of the technology we are developing. Joining in the early stages, with previous experience in the immunotherapy and regenerative medicine industry, I am excited to see the approach to growth that Resolution is fostering; a strong sense of collaboration between teams, a culture of support for one another, and with longevity of the company at the root of it all. I enjoy the momentum and enthusiasm we have, and the excellent opportunities to expand my scientific skills whilst learning from each other as we work to deliver a novel immunotherapy for tissue repair.

Hollie Bartley

Process Scientist

We don’t currently have any specific vacancies, but do feel free to Contact Us if you think your skills could be a match for potential future roles.