About us

We are a macrophage cell therapy company focused on resolving chronic inflammatory damage. Our multidisciplinary team brings together a diverse set of skills to pursue our mission.

We are a macrophage cell therapy company

Resolution Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing macrophage cell therapy to treat inflammatory organ disease. The company was founded following a productive collaboration between Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, and Syncona Investment Management Limited. The company is based in the Centre for Regenerative Medicine on the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Campus, and is backed by Syncona.

Our Focus

Our initial focus is in chronic liver disease. It is the only chronic disease still on the rise in western countries, and affects millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, only supportive therapies are currently available. For patients with end-stage liver disease (cirrhosis) the only therapeutic option is liver transplantation, a complex surgical procedure limited by complications and a shortage of donors. At Resolution Therapeutics (RTx), we are developing a macrophage cell therapy product to treat patients at risk of liver decompensation, thus helping them avoid the need for a liver transplant.

Management Team

Picture of Adeyemi Afuwape
Adeyemi Afuwape
Senior Director, CMC Regulatory
Picture of Alex Armesilla
Alex Armesilla
Senior Director, Cell Engineering
Picture of Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin
VP, Manufacturing & Supply
Picture of Cliff Brass, MD PhD FAASLD
Cliff Brass, MD PhD FAASLD
Chief Medical Officer
Picture of Lara Campana
Lara Campana
VP, Research Operations
Picture of Victor Dillard
Victor Dillard
VP, Strategy & Operations
Picture of Eli Gilsohn
Eli Gilsohn
VP, Intellectual Property
Picture of Amir Hefni
Amir Hefni
Picture of Steven Howe
Steven Howe
VP, Process Development
Picture of Amol Ketkar
Amol Ketkar
Chief Manufacturing and Technical Operations Officer
Picture of Esther Kitto
Esther Kitto
VP, Clinical Operations
Picture of Anna-Kaisa Lehtivarjo
Anna-Kaisa Lehtivarjo
Senior Director, Head of Quality
Picture of Damian Marshall
Damian Marshall
VP, Analytical Development
Picture of Sarah McCrory
Sarah McCrory
Director, Project Management
Picture of Shazia Rahman
Shazia Rahman
VP, People & Culture
Picture of Simon Ramsden
Simon Ramsden
Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Philip Starkey Lewis
Philip Starkey Lewis
Principal Scientist

The Founders

Picture of Prof. Stuart Forbes
Prof. Stuart Forbes
Prof. of Transplantation & Regenerative Medicine - University of Edinburgh
Picture of Prof. John Campbell
Prof. John Campbell
Director - TCAT Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

The Board of Directors

Picture of Lisa Bright
Lisa Bright
Picture of Simon Durrant
Simon Durrant
Investment Executive - Old College Capital, University of Edinburgh (Observer)
Picture of Prof. Stuart Forbes
Prof. Stuart Forbes
Prof. of Transplantation & Regenerative Medicine - University of Edinburgh
Picture of Gonzalo Garcia
Gonzalo Garcia
Partner - Syncona (Observer)
Picture of Amir Hefni
Amir Hefni
CEO - Resolution Therapeutics
Picture of Edward Hodgkin
Edward Hodgkin
Managing Partner - Syncona
Picture of Bill Symonds
Bill Symonds
Non-Executive Director

Our Principles

At RTx we believe that it is important to be deliberate about company culture. Our core company values have been defined with the help of everyone at RTx at all seniority levels. They are an integral part of RTx life, from the hiring process to the running of day-to-day business, and they outline our collective beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and state how we can work together in a fair, inclusive, and effective manner.


Our principles are:

  1. 1. We are passionate about delivering scientific excellence for the benefit of patients.
  2. 2. We work together across the whole company from the bottom-up as well as from the top-down to create a One-Team feeling.
  3. 3. We collaborate to create an inclusive and fair environment in RTx.
  4. 4. We encourage transparency and incorporate learning in all we do.
  5. 5. We enjoy the journey by introducing fun in the day-to-day affairs of science and business.


More details can be found here.